The Marseillais: Giuseppa still wants to have another child?

The Marseillais: Giuseppa still wants to have another child?

For several months, Giuseppa and Paga (Les Marseillais) have been living a whole new life since the arrival of their daughter. Giorgia has completely turned their daily lives upside down. Some wonder if the parents are also ready to have another child.

Giuseppa and Paga (Les Marseillais) delighted with Giorgia

Three months ago, Giorgia showed up with a month in advance. And the least we can say is that she makes her parents very happy. If Giuseppa (Les Marseillais) is sometimes exhausted, she is over the moon.

The young woman does not hesitate to reveal all the love she has for her daughter. The latter is his greatest pride. And she wants at all costs that she feels the love of her parents.

In This is the family, Paga has all the same admitted that he had the impression of not being used for much. And for good reason, Giuseppa (Les Marseillais) breastfeeds and therefore spends real moments of complicity with his daughter.

For his part, the father of the family spent a little less time with his child. But eventually everyone starts to find her place in this new family life.

On social networks, fans also very often ask Giuseppa and Paga if they want to have other children. Several weeks ago, the candidate for the show Les Marseillais decided to inquire with the gynecologist.

In Story of his Instagram account, Giuseppa confided: “We’re going home, we’re going to find our daughter… And suddenly a super top gynecologist appointment!” Everything is spot on, that’s it… It’s going well ».

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“If it were to happen, I would accept it”

Before adding also: “And Paga asked the gynecologist anyway: ‘Yes you think it’s good at what time to have a child again ?’ ! ». Paga (Les Marseillais) then confided.

He revealed: ” What ? You have periods, it’s good to ask. That doesn’t mean we’re going to do a second right away, but we ask, it’s good to have advice! ».

Before also stating: “In any case, we will be able resume a fulfilling intimate life. A few weeks ago, a fan asked: “When is the second baby?” ».

Giuseppa (Les Marseillais) then replied: “Right now I’m worried about it… I absolutely wanted two children close together, but over time I ask myself questions”. It looks like things are clearing up.

The candidate of It’s the family, therefore decided to say more this Friday, August 11. In Story of her Instagram account, she made a question and answer with her fans. They also wanted to know more about his desire to expand his family.

A follower also asked: “Would you be ready to have a second child now?” ». What Giuseppa (Les Marseillais) replied: “No, not right away, but if it were to happen, I would accept it”.

She then explained to her fans: “I would still like wait to enjoy my Giorgia. For the moment, the mother wants to take her time and devote herself fully to her first little girl who makes her the greatest happiness!


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