“The myth of Russia’s infinite strength has collapsed”

“The myth of Russia's infinite strength has collapsed”

Kremlin threatens tougher demands if Putin’s offer is rejected

16:51: The Kremlin has increased pressure on Ukraine by threatening to toughen its territorial demands. All of President Vladimir Putin’s peace initiatives are also linked to the current circumstances on the front, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview for Russian state television, which Kremlin-affiliated journalist Pavel Zarubin published with advance on Telegram on Sunday. “They are getting worse and worse for Ukraine.” The dynamics on the front show that the situation in kyiv will continue to worsen. Therefore, a responsible politician would consider Putin’s offer, Peskov said.

At the same time, the 56-year-old explained that the Kremlin was not interested in signing a contract with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Once his term ends, he will no longer be a legitimate representative of kyiv. Ukraine was unable to hold elections due to Russia’s war of aggression and its occupation of parts of the country. According to Ukrainian lawyers, martial law provides for the expansion of Zelensky’s powers. The thesis that Moscow repeatedly raises is aimed at causing unrest within Ukraine and also questioning Zelensky’s foreign policy credibility.

A few days ago, Putin called for the complete withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhia regions as a precondition for negotiations. Moscow claims it as its own, as does Crimea, annexed since 2014, although Russian troops have so far only partially controlled it. Ukraine has rejected the Kremlin’s demands as absurd and manipulative. “Putin does not seek peace, he wants to divide the world,” said a statement from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. He wants to present himself as a peacemaker in the war he himself started. Putin’s demands were also largely rejected in the West as “dictated peace.”

Russia’s threat to demand even more in the next round of negotiations is unlikely to deter Ukrainian leaders. According to calculations by the independent Internet portal Meduza, Russia would only truly control the four claimed territories in 14 years if the pace of conquests remained at approximately the same pace as in recent months.

Probably hundreds of Russian soldiers trapped near Vovchansk

Sunday June 16, 9:56 am: The Russian army risks a serious setback in Vovchansk. As reported by “ntv” citing Russian war bloggers, around 400 Russian soldiers would be trapped in a gravel quarry. Previous attempts to escape have failed and there is no support from the air either. On Friday, the British newspaper Telegraph reported on the capture of 24 Russian soldiers by the Ukrainian army near Vovchansk.

US Vice President: Putin wants Ukraine to surrender

19:10: US Vice President Kamala Harris described as absurd the conditions imposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin for peace negotiations with Ukraine. “We have to tell the truth. He doesn’t ask for negotiations, he asks for surrender,” Harris said Saturday at the peace summit in Switzerland. She assured Ukraine that she will continue to support its defense against Russia. “The United States supports Ukraine not out of charity, but because it is in our strategic interest.”

On Friday, immediately before the summit, Putin demanded that Ukraine completely cede the Black Sea areas of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, Zaporizhia and the Crimean peninsula as a condition for ending hostilities. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry immediately rejected this as absurd and manipulative. “Putin does not seek peace, he wants to divide the world,” it was said from kyiv.

Russian troops continue attacks on the Ukrainian front

19:01: Despite the efforts of much of the international community for peace in Ukraine, Russian troops continued their attacks on various sectors of the front on Saturday. With the support of their air force, Russian units in the east of the country attacked again around Vovchansk, as announced in the afternoon by the General Staff in kyiv in its daily situation report.

Unusually strong Russian advances were also reported in the Pokrovsk region of southeastern Ukraine. Nearly a third of the day’s total of 74 Russian attacks were recorded there. All attacks were said to have been repulsed. “Our guys are holding up well,” the generals said in kyiv.

The United States promises kyiv millions for energy grid and humanitarian aid

16:08: At the beginning of the Swiss peace conference for Ukraine, the US promised kyiv additional millions of dollars in aid for humanitarian purposes and for the country’s energy network. The US government announced on Saturday that some $500 million (about 467 million euros) should be used, among other things, to repair war damage to energy infrastructure and improve the security of the energy grid. $324 million (about €303 million) of funds previously promised by the US should also be reallocated for these purposes. In addition, $379 million (about €354 million) would be allocated to humanitarian aid to provide food, water and shelter for Ukrainians who had to flee the country.

The myth of Russia’s infinite strength has collapsed.”

Saturday June 15, 09:16 hours: Military expert Nico Lange believes that a Ukrainian victory against Russia is possible if the West supplies more weapons. “In Germany we should also allow ourselves to think: Ukraine can defeat Russia militarily!” Lange said in an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ) newspaper before the peace summit in Switzerland.

“Since Ukraine received ATACMS weapons systems from the United States, Russia has been under enormous pressure in Crimea. “The aggressor is extremely vulnerable there and has already withdrawn a large part of its Black Sea fleet from the peninsula,” Lange said in explaining his assessment. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been unable to achieve any significant military success for two years. Ukraine managed to repel Russian troops near kyiv, Kupyansk and Kherson. “This can also work in southern Ukraine. “The myth of Russia’s infinite strength has collapsed.”

In addition to the American ATACMS that are now arriving, the ability to use Western weapons to attack targets on Russian territory attacking Ukraine is also extremely important, the lead researcher said at the Munich Security Conference (MSC). “With the soon-to-be-deployed F-16 fighter jets, kyiv can defend itself against Russian planes dropping gliding bombs. The supply of artillery ammunition has been improved. For land conquests, Ukraine needs more battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, repairing infrastructure near the front and training recruits, and, above all, more air defense. “That is the biggest gap.”

EU states agree accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova

21:15: EU states have agreed in principle to start accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova. This was announced by the Belgian Presidency of the Council on Friday in Brussels. The decision will be formally approved at an EU ministerial meeting next week.

The current agreement to start accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova is an important signal, especially towards kyiv. The peace conference on Ukraine begins in Switzerland on Saturday. The goal of the summit is to gain the broadest possible international support for the Ukrainian peace plan with a complete withdrawal of Russia from Ukrainian territory.

The EU Commission announced a week ago that it considered all requirements met for the start of EU accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. These included, among other things, measures to combat corruption, better protect national minorities and limit the political influence of oligarchs.

For the people of Ukraine, the opening of EU accession negotiations is seen as an important signal that the defensive fight against Russia is worth continuing. It is not entirely clear how long it might take to join the EU once talks begin. Turkey, for example, became an EU candidate in 1999 and is currently further from membership than all other candidate countries due to, among other things, regressions in the rule of law.

In theory, a candidate for membership can never become a member. In the case of Ukraine, it is currently considered impossible for it to become a member of the EU before the end of the Russian war of aggression. Because then kyiv could request military assistance under Article 42, paragraph 7 of the EU Treaty and the EU would be a party to the war.

NATO installs a headquarters in Germany for the Ukrainian mission

13:56: The headquarters of the planned NATO operation will be located in Germany to coordinate the supply of weapons and training activities of the Ukrainian armed forces. As the German Press Agency learned in alliance circles on Friday, Wiesbaden is planned as a venue. The base of the US armed forces in Europe is also located there, which until now has carried out coordination tasks. The operation will be led by a three-star general who will report directly to the commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Europe.

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