The new era of accessibility: how the platform that facilitates communication for people with disabilities works

The new era of accessibility: how the platform that facilitates communication for people with disabilities works

In 2016, Háblalo was born with the purpose of providing communication support to people with disabilities. This software possesses the ability to grant subtitles to the environment for those who cannot hear, and Provide voice to those who face speaking difficulties or have diverse communication needs. In essence, it is a Multifunctional tool Created to simplify the lives of its users.

The interface of Háblalo has been Developed in collaboration with users and experts who have deep knowledge in related areas and pathologies. This free access application can operate autonomously, without requiring an internet connection.

Now the application for people with disabilities presents its More ambitious version to date that allows simultaneous translation between languages, having multiple profiles, new functionalities for different communities and the option of Háblalo QR; in co-creation with users and specialized professionals, which will take the accessibility of organizations to the next level.

Asteroid Technologies, the Argentine startup founded by Mateo Salvatto, Laura Muchnik and Sergio Cantarovici, released a new version of Talk about it, one of the five most downloaded accessibility apps in the world.

Háblalo 4.0 is a multi-purpose multi-tool platform that adapts to communication needs so that people who require it, can interact with their environment, wherever they are and from any device.

Completely free of charge, Háblalo assists today more than 350 thousand people with communication disabilities in 65 countries on 5 continents. And the Háblalo for Business solution, developed to assist private and public sector organizations, is used by renowned companies and institutions.

“The rapid internationalization of the platform and the demand for our service led us to reinvent ourselves and incorporate new functionalities that would cover a much wider spectrum of regions, users and organizations,” said Mateo Salvatto, CEO and founder of the startup. “Our users have been at the center of the Háblalo creation process since its inception,” said Sergio Cantarovici, founder and partner of Asteroid Technologies.

“Our goal is to be able to Develop technology for people who require assistance and increasingly inclusive organizations, from a vision of universal accessibility,” added Laura Muchnik.

It presents an adaptable interface according to motor level, a new segment designed for people with ASD, the possibility of adapting 100% the experiences to each user, and the potential to co-create with diverse communities and test functionalities in development to provide, from their perspective, constant feedback that allows opportunities for improvement.

The new interface adapts to different levels of motor skills and more personalized experiences for each user and can be used for people with:

-Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

-Cerebral palsy, Aphasia

-Language disorder

-Traumatic brain injuries

-Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

-Down syndrome

-Muscular dystrophy

-Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)

-Neuromuscular disorders

-Speech and language disorders

-Spinal cord injuries

-Language development disorders


-Apraxia of speech

-Swallowing disorders and patients with assisted mechanical ventilation, among others.

Tools for people with ASD

According to data provided by the World Health Organization, 1 in 100 children experiences Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Following the line of customization and adaptability of the tool, this new iteration of the application incorporates a segment specially designed for people suffering from this condition.

The platform aims to assist individuals with ASD in acquiring and maintaining daily habits and routines in a visual, simple way and through gamification. Recent research has shown that gamification is presented as An effective tool to improve concentration and promote development in people facing autistic disorders.

In addition, this updated version is also better suited for use by medical professionals and educators specializing in this area.

The improvements of Hablalo 4 compared to previous versions of the application are mainly focused on its adaptability and customizability. The new software, developed by the Asteroid Technologies team, has the expertise of experts in user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design. This approach is especially directed towards universal design, allowing a more fluid integration in various contexts of use and, above all, to reach a wider audience from a universal accessibility perspective.

“Rarely is a team challenged to design solutions with significant impact that improve people’s lives. Hablalo embraces one of the most altruistic purposes by building bridges and providing access to communication in a completely inclusive way. This process has inspired us and has been a constant source of learning. Let’s keep striving to shape the world we imagine, one that is more diverse and more inclusive,” adds Franco Pellegrini, PhD in communication, designer and author of the book “The Design of the World”, who also acts as an advisor to Asteroid Technologies.

Now, Asteroid Technologies is focused on incorporating generative artificial intelligence for even deeper personalization of the Hablalo user experience, taking the concept of inclusion to the next level.

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