The Sims competitor Paralives: The Life Sim wants to implement these two features better

The Sims competitor Paralives: The Life Sim wants to implement these two features better

At irregular intervals developer Alex Massé and his team bring new updates and insights into the development progress of the game in the Patreon channel to Paralives – the platform where donations for the life simulation are collected. After new screenshots were made public in January 2023, there are now two features in Paralives that are based on the great role model The Sims, but want to implement them better. Specifically, the Patreon post is about the autonomy of the characters called “Parafolks” and their death, which is also discussed in a short YouTube clip.

In the post itself, Massé explains that some interactions are carried out independently by the parafolks without the player’s influence. Some of the examples relate to the characters going to work independently or filling their free time with activities that also correspond to their assigned interests. In The Sims 4, for example, there is a similar level of autonomy, but the Sims characters prefer to spend their free time on the PC instead of pursuing other interests. The parafolks, on the other hand, can, for example, play the guitar, start painting or even clean the house.

The developers also go into another aspect of the game: After a hopefully fulfilled life, death awaits the parafolks at the end. If the player neglects his characters in Paralives for too long, they die – but the needs for this “have to be in the red for quite a while”, as Massé explains. In addition, they are working on other causes of death, which the developer is “very happy about” – a morbid statement that is probably quite normal in Sims everyday life.

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