The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Strong performance of survival horror on Steam

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Strong performance of survival horror on Steam

About two years ago, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was first announced by developer Gun Interactive. This is the same studio that was responsible for Friday the 13th, which has since been discontinued. The asynchronous multiplayer horror title was released on Steam yesterday and is making a relatively strong showing. But does the chainsaw massacre really make the players’ blood run cold?

On Steam, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre makes a strong impression on its first players. User approval is 86 percent. After all, around 2,000 user reviews have already been left for survival horror. That speaks to the fact that the first impression has something to offer genre fans. Also the number of around 16,000 concurrent Steam players within the first 24 hours (via SteamDB) promises hearty hours of horror.

However, there are also a few criticisms of the release. Players complain about technical problems such as network and connection errors, ping values ​​that are too high, as well as stuttering and crashes. Players are increasingly reporting the warning “The login information provided is invalid”, which should also indicate server difficulties with the release. Kotaku also reports that the playful implementation of the template was successful, but after a few games there was no longer any fear.

In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, players either take on the role of one of the well-known hitmen from the original film while the other participants try to escape to safety. The maps are based on the original locations and the gameplay is filled with numerous quicktime moments to create excitement. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available on Steam for around 40 euros.

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