The thigh again: De Bruyne is missing ManCity for several weeks

The thigh again: De Bruyne is missing ManCity for several weeks

What happened in mid-June in the Champions League final against Inter Milan has now been repeated: Kevin De Bruyne, with a thigh injury, was substituted before the break and is now in the role of a spectator.

“Unfortunately he was injured again,” said De Bruyne coach Pep Guardiola on Friday night after the successful start to the season at Burnley, where he had to take his midfielder off the field midway through the first half. The Belgian was injured “in the same place and in the same position as in the Champions League,” Guardiola explained after the game, announcing that his strategist would be absent for “a few weeks” from now on.

Two months ago, De Bruyne had to miss the Champions League final before half-time due to a hamstring tear. The 32-year-old’s vulnerability to injury prompted Guardiola to say: “He needs to clear his head and relax.”

Even without De Bruyne, Man City solved their first task of the new season without too much difficulty. Burnley proved to be a brave opponent, but former Dortmund player Erling Haaland set the course for victory early on (4th), before he scored a second goal (36th). Rodri (75th), who had already decided the final of the premier class, had the last word.


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