The Traitors: Juju Fitcats comes out of silence after his great victory!

The Traitors: Juju Fitcats comes out of silence after his great victory!

A few weeks ago, fans discovered the new season of the show Les Traitors. It is Juju Fitcats who won the victory. And the least we can say is that the game really turned her upside down.

The big winner in Traitors

After her victory in The Traitors, Juju Fitcats shared a long message on her Instagram account. She confided: “I don’t know where to start as I have things to tell. If you only knew how this experience upset me”.

The candidate for the show Les Traitors continued: “I arrived in a game that I had never played. And dreading to make things I had already faced.

“Me, and my hypersensitivity, how would it be possible to win? I played my part trying to be as true to who I am while being forced to do things I didn’t want to.”confessed the beauty.

She also asserted: “Yes, I betrayed. But I also learned a lot. I promise you that I never swore, that I never tried to hurt. And to all the contestants, if it happened, I’m still sincerely sorry.”.

The big winner of the show Les Traitors revealed: “Everything I felt, every emotion I went through was true. But since I was unable to hide them, I had no choice but to use them to keep moving forward.

Before continuing: “The truth is that I often felt like giving up and yelling at all the candidates, ‘Damn it, I’m the traitor.’ But I didn’t let go.

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“I give myself the right to be proud of myself”

Juju Fitcats also explained: “Basically, I knew why and above all for whom I was fighting (Mon Asso – Les Amis du Bercail – to whom I had to bring the ingots)”. But that’s not all.

The candidate for the show Les Traitors confessed: “This game asked me to explore the darkest parts of my personality. And revealed in me a force that I did not suspect.

“Before this game, I thought there was nothing worse than being betrayed. I was wrong: BETRAYING is the MOST PAINFUL thing I have had to experience,” she added.

Juju Fitcats (The Traitors) also pointed out: “But eventually, with lots of time and kind people, I gives me the right to be proud of myself. I’m happy to have won”.

“To have shared the money raised with my favorite Traitor family (Charlotte and Norbert). And above all to have played with the most UNIQUE candidates he is ».

Before revealing also: “Ingots, they brought back some. And it is thanks to them that our associations will be able to move forward in their projects. Special thanks to our favorite game master. As well as to M6 for driving us crazy.

Finally, Juju Fitcats (The Traitors) then concluded: “And to you cats, thank you for reading me. And to always be there”. On their side, the fans thought that she had played very well in this new season on M6.


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