The Traitors: who won this new season 2 broadcast on M6?

Les Trîtes: who won this new season 2 broadcast on M6?

Everyone was waiting for the final result. And this one fell this Wednesday evening. Indeed, M6 broadcast the last episode of the Traitors. So who of Juju Fitcats, Norbert Tarayre, Andy, or even Nathalie Marquay, won season 2? Answer below.

Charlotte de Turckheim still up?

Before knowing the winner of this new season, perhaps we should linger on Charlotte de Turckheim. The actress who was a traitor at the start of the show. This one was unfortunately taken out by his comrades.

Moreover, just after leaving the Traitors, she gave a slight rant. Especially against his allies Juju and Norbert. “So first what I’m going to tell you is that I’m quite proud of myself because I thought I’d do 2-3 days, more, in this game”.

She said at first, before continuing: “ I just wanted to tell you that, indeed, I am a traitor. We are several traitors at this table”. Charlotte did not stop there and finally concluded:

“And I thought the traitors, we stood together… And so I leave you with this last treachery. You betrayed me traitors. Thank you to all of you “. In fact, many thought that between her ex-allies and her, the agreement was not in good shape.

In the end, Juju Fitcats released a text exchanged with Charlotte de Turckheim to show that everything was fine between them. On the other hand, not sure if this is the case with her friends Andy and Gennifer. Especially after the last episode of Traitors.

Because yes, the last show of season 2 has just been broadcast. And U.S we were finally able to find out who won the new edition. A new show won at the cost of several betrayals as you will realize.

Les Trîtes: who won this new season 2 broadcast on M6?
Les Trîtes: who won this new season 2 broadcast on M6?

Juju Fitcats wins the new season of Traitors

If some don’t know, Andy, Gennifer and Juju made an alliance not to eliminate each other. However, the latter had to go back on her promises to save herself. And above all, to reach the end of the game.

Because yes, it is indeed the companion of Tibo InShape who was elected big winner. This one therefore wins the sum of 44,000 euros which she will however share with his Norbert allies and Charlotte as they could agree on it.

But to get those wins, Juju did have to betray Andy and vote against her. A vote which did not fail to surprise the main interested party as reminds Puremedia. I’m disapointed. (…) I can’t understand why it bugged at the end”.

She let it be known. Finally comes the fateful moment in Les Traitors. Moment during which Juju revealed his true identity. It wasn’t an easy thing to do..“I am a traitor and I am sorry”. She revealed in tears to Nathalie Marquay and Gennifer.

Tibo InShape’s girlfriend then emptying her bag, relieved that the lie has finally come to an end: “I spent ten days feeling like the worst person in the world.” ” And frankly when I heard you around the tables say that you dreamed of being a traitor, I swear it’s the worst role to play. »


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