The US aid package for Ukraine was finally approved by the House of Representatives

The Congress Building in Washington

The majority of the House of Representatives has voted for a comprehensive aid package for Ukraine.

The US House of Representatives supports the bill for additional funding for Ukraine.

It is a large package worth a total of $95 billion.

The package includes $61 billion for Ukraine, while Taiwan will receive $9 billion in support.

A $26 billion package for Israel and humanitarian aid for the citizens of Gaza was also approved.

The aid package now moves to the Senate, where the Democrats have the majority. The vote could probably take place as early as Tuesday. President Joe Biden will then sign the law.

A long wait

The United States was Ukraine’s main military backer in the war against Russia, but Congress has not approved significant funding. President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers have been trying for months to push through a major new arms package for Ukraine.

Republicans, influenced by presidential candidate Donald Trump, are reluctant to provide funds to Ukraine. Funding the war has become a contentious issue ahead of November’s presidential election as Joe Biden takes on Trump again.

The bill also allows the U.S. to seize and sell Russian assets and give the money to Ukraine to finance reconstruction, which also includes other G7 countries.

Zelensky welcomed the approval and thanked America

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the passage of the aid package on Saturday, saying it would “save thousands and thousands of lives.”

“Thank you, America!” wrote Zelenskyy on X (formerly Twitter).

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