The Voice Kids: Slimane’s very big mistake during battles!

The Voice Kids: Slimane's very big mistake during battles!

Choosing one of his talents during battles is a difficult moment for the coaches of The Voice Kids. Slimane even admitted having made a mistake.

Slimane indulges in The Voice Kids

This is the first year that Slimane has coached The Voice Kids, alongside Nolwenn Leroy, Kendji Girac and Patrick Fiori. It is therefore a role that is close to his heart.

Thus, he tries to advise the best talents. And for that, he bases himself on his life, his mistakes and he gives himself up a lot.

The coach of The Voice Kids has, for example, told his very first concert. “The first time I sang in front of people, I sang my whole song, I was happy. I left the stage, I was too happy »he confessed.

Before continuing: “And there, there is my cousin who comes to see me and says to me: Slimane you sang the whole song out of tune. I was sad… But afterwards, I thought about it and what I did was that I worked all the time”.

But that’s not all ! Slimane also spoke from his father live on The Voice Kids. And for good reason, Leila, a young 13-year-old singer, wanted to pay tribute to her country, Morocco.

“For me, oriental music represents my country, and for me, That’s sublime ! VSis the kind of song I listen to with my family, with my dad, it makes me something to hear you”he then confided.

That said, if the coach of The Voice Kids is honest about his life, he is also honest about himself. This Tuesday, August 8, 2023, he admitted that he had made a mistake during the battle.

“I made a mistake with you”

The timing of the battles is decisive for the talents of The Voice Kids. But they are feared by coaches. And for good reason, it is up to them to make a choice.

For Slimane’s first battle, the coach decided to oppose Romane, Adam and Durel. They all sang Zazie’s flagship piece, namely I am a man.

But the choice was very hard for the coach of The Voice Kids. “Since I became a dad, I promised myself to say it when I made mistakes. I’m telling you, it’s not negative, but I made a mistake with you”, did he declare. Just that !

Indeed, he regretted having confronted these three talents. “I wanted the winner to fight for real against other artists in front of him. But, Iwould have liked to hear the three of you in the semi-finals”he concluded.

The coach of The Voice Kids therefore chose Durel. Did he make the right choice for the future? Only the future will tell us ! This is a case to follow closely!


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