The Voice: Which contestants left the adventure on April 20, 2024?

The Voice: Which contestants left the adventure on April 20, 2024?

This Saturday, April 20, 2024, TF1 broadcast a new edition of The voice. An unprecedented event after which several candidates left the adventure. AIO Information tells you more about the week’s eliminations.

Hamid wins The Voice battles

The battles of The voice are completed. And the least we can say is that Hamid, a 28-year-old contestant, is determined to land a place in the competition.

The young man was a nurse by profession qualified for cross fights this Saturday, April 20, 2024. Proud of his career, he then gave a long interview for Europe 1.

The opportunity for him to look back on his win against Auna. “For me it was completely successful because Auna is a great singer, a great performer. I found myself facing someone who was very strong.”he explained into the microphone of our colleagues.

And to continue: “Zazie found it really difficult to choose us, it took her at least five minutes to make her decision. All I know is that I worked a lot.”

He also admitted to being stressed by the ordeal. I was shaking like never before. Before I went on stage, I was destabilized and cried a lot. I was very shocked. I knew that Auna had prepared very well and I for one was not at all sure. Finally the work is paying off! »

For him, winning the show is a real dream: I always watched The Voice. Every year I said to myself, “Ah, I wish that was me.” I imagined myself on stage, and in the end that year was mine! I was discovered by production on social media. » It now remains to be seen whether he will be the big winner of the season.

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Which candidates left the adventure?

Unfortunately, although Hamid performed brilliantly, other candidates failed to win in this third and third round last night of battles The voice.

There are also 9 of them who left the adventure this Saturday. Among them, Sandra, Vianney’s protégé, was clearly beaten by Marco Léna.

Patxi, for her part, bowed to Noah. As for the rapper team Bigflo and Oli, Théo Montangon had to pack his bags after losing to Rhea’s talent.

Manon, Chiara Santamaria, Lance Priest And Okali also left The voice. A hard blow for her admirers. In fact, these budding artists seemed to have everything they needed to go as far as possible.

Bad luck, fate decided otherwise and their comrades were better. Finally, as we said before, Hamid won against Auna. And that even if the candidate could have won the fight.

As for Alexi, the young man bowed to Déborah. One thing is certain: the sequel to The voice promises to be full of twists and turns.

See you on April 27th on TF1 to watch the very first episode of the famous cross battles.


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