This is how EA SPORTS FC 24 wants to create a realistic game day experience

This is how EA SPORTS FC 24 wants to create a realistic game day experience

In many ways, EA SPORTS FC 24 aims to herald a new era. On the one hand it is the first title without a FIFA license, on the other hand some groundbreaking innovations are said to be imminent. For example, women’s soccer is now available in Ultimate Team.

The developer has also tackled the experience of a virtual game day and would like to get one step closer to reality.

The driving force behind this project are the SAPIEN technology and the GPU stuff. Both are aimed at the optics of the actors. The former “transforms the look and movements of players with redesigned player models that are even more anatomically precise and correct down to the smallest detail”. This should lead to smoother animations.

Textiles react to movement – new sequences should heat up

As suggested, the GPU fabric refers to the textiles. These “react to players’ footsteps, changing as they change direction and flowing with them as they play. The stretching and rippling of the fabric also expresses the athleticism of the players, making the actions – from sliding to to celebrate – even more similar to real sport”. Improved lights should also ensure this. So-called Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion technology “brings depth and detail to the surface of the pitch, helping players stand out with clear shading and shadows in vivid detail.”

But before it goes on the lawn, the tension should be fueled in advance. Dynamic match intros should ensure this. “Short, crisp sequences” that should set the tone “where you play, against whom and for what you play”. The extent to which these differed from the current sequences is not explained in more detail. It should also be possible to look behind the scenes in the break menus, at half-time and during half-time. The developer promises “for the first time, recordings of the experts and commentators in previously unseen corners of the stadium”.

First female co-commentator

Speaking of commentators, the game “welcomes a new duo of commentators to Ultimate Team and select kick-off modes to bring fresh voices and energy to matches: famed England commentator Guy Mowbray and former England international Sue Smith as the first female co-caster in EA SPORTS FC 24”. It is not known whether there will also be a second duo in other languages.

The overall acoustics are also improved: louder vocals, bigger reactions, more passionate crowds and new authentic audio elements like drums and horns. An intelligent broadcast augmented reality (AR) also “analyzes game action and overlays the field with the information needed to understand opponents and control the game. Including game statistics, winning probabilities, shot diagrams and more”. In addition, there is a new tactical camera “giving players an expanded tactical view of the pitch while capturing the stadium atmosphere in vivid detail”.


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