Top 14: Urios sets a new goal

Rugby: Urios talks about “the tears” of his players!

The ASM continues its forward march. With the Auvergnats suffering pain in Castres on Saturday, they are saved and will play well in the Top 14 next year. They are now in eighth place in the rankings and their manager Christophe Urios doesn’t want to leave this position. His goal now is to get into the top eight.

The multiplex will have kept all its promises. SATURDAY, ASM won against Castres and overtakes his opponent from the weekend and takes 8th place in the race Top 14. Christophe Urios wants to progress and get his team into the top eight of this championship.

“The bonus point was also important in the race for the top 8”

It was a difficult game in which we found ourselves struggling and mentally exhausted. This is one of the first times I’ve seen us like this. We must not forget that we played three games in the final phase. We were helpless. We weren’t bubbly. Claiming the bonus under these conditions is good! This group is making progress. We dominated by scoring quickly, but I expected another game. I’m excited to be on the weekend tonight! The bonus point was also important in the race for the top 8. My players are great in one way or another! We will regenerate now. The week will be beneficial for everyone. This game was the last in a long series “, explained the manager of Clermont at a press conference before announcing his new goal.

“We are aiming for the top 8”

I never looked back (Editor’s note: when Clermont was eleventh) and today we are aiming for the top 8, nothing more. Despite everything, the game in Toulon will be a final phase game. But for now we are happy to have won, the players must benefit from it! “, added Christopher Urios. Clermont Colors found!


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