TPMP: Ayem Nour finally comes out of silence and returns to Instagram!

TPMP: Ayem Nour finally comes out of silence and returns to Instagram!

Does Ayem Nour finally see the end of the tunnel? While she must stay in Morocco after her ex’s complaint, TPMP fans are waiting to find out if she can return to France… MCETV gives you rather reassuring news!

A word of hope

Because after his argument with his ex, Ayem Nour saw him wearing complaint for “kidnapping and embezzlement of a minor under the age of eighteen”. A complaint that forces him to stay in Morocco… and for which she ended up appealing to Emmanuel Macron !

Indeed, the former columnist of TPMP finds herself placed under judicial control with the prohibition to leave the kingdom of Morocco. So she has to wait for this case to be resolved… Except that for the moment, nothing is moving. Neither for her, nor for her son.

Ayem Nour therefore has tried by all means to make his voice heard. But also that of his son, who finds himself deprived of school. Because he remains educated in France. We must therefore find a way out that allows everyone to get out of it.

TPMP fans are waiting for good news. But for several weeks, Ayem Nour no longer gives too much news on Instagram. Something to worry a lot of people. Because this absence comes after a real cry of alarm.

She thus complains about the latest publications of Vincent Miclet. Publications that she thinks are targeted… And to cause her as much pain as possible. If that’s not harassment, meanness, intimidation, a way to destabilize me! »

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Soon back on TPMP?

A cry of alarm, then, nothing… or almost. Because after many reminders from his fans, and even the support of Vitaa, Ayem Nour gives his news. And she looks pretty good! Evidenced by her pretty pose in a beautiful red dress.

In legend, the former columnist of TPMP seems to be positive. I will never get tired of this noise“, writes the young woman with a nice sound of cicadas in the background. A little corner of paradise that allows him to clear his mind a bit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your messages of love and support, writes the former reality TV candidate again to the attention of all the fans who have asked her for news. However, the case does not seem to be advancing too much.

“I will give you news very very soon”, promises all the same the former columnist of TPMP. Hoping for good news, even a return to France ? The comments under his publication are multiplying. Especially given his last sentence.

“Because time does not catch up, take good care of yourself and your loved ones“, thus ends Ayem Nour in a barely veiled reference to his son… How can the situation be settled? In any case, neither parent seems ready to give ground to the other for the case to move forward.


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