TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi soon in Vivement Dimanche on France 3!

TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi bientôt dans Vivement Dimanche sur France 3 !

This Wednesday, August 9, the journalist Nicolas Malaboeuf announced that Benjamin Castaldi was going to land in Vivement Dimanche.

A prestigious invitation! Few personalities can claim to have come to Michel Drucker. Whether in Vivement Dimanche or otherwise. Well Benjamin Castaldi, he will be able to brag about it. Indeed, Cyril Hanouna’s ex-columnist will appear in an episode of the France 3 broadcast. And, for a special occasion.

He leaves Cyril Hanouna

Because yes, some do not know it yet. But Aurore Aleman’s husband has chosen to leave C8 and Baba. The reason ? He will soon unveil his first play. A piece called Bungalow 21. And which brings together the sisters Emmanuelle and Mathilde Seigner.

Benjamin Castaldi already talked about it in TPMP and continue to promote it. through various interviews. And soon, he will talk about it to Michel Drucker in Vivement Dimanche. This is in any case what the journalist Nicolas Malaboeuf said.

Indeed, Michel Drucker will indeed make his return to France Télévisions. With his famous show but not only. He will receive, again, many guests. And especially Benjamin Castaldi. Who recently dropped a funny info about Nabilla.

“I will be back on the air. Very early September. Our new season of Vivement Dimanche. Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez and Delphine Ernotte supported me a lot during this period. They know I have strong mental resilience”. Said the presenter to Parisian.

A statement made on July 2 to the Parisian. Since then, some clarifications have been made. Starting with the official return of Michel Drucker to his show. Well before we announce the arrival of the ex-columnist of TPMP.

To find Vivement Dimanche, you will have to be patient. And wait for August 27. Date on which the first unreleased back-to-school should be broadcast. At least, according to journalist Kevin Boucher. But no date has not been given for Benjamin Castaldi.

Benjamin Castaldi on Strongly Sunday after TPMP

“Michael Drucker will make a comeback in #VivementDimanche. Sunday August 27 at 1:30 p.m. on France 3″. First let our colleague know. Before giving the names of the first guests:

“For the season premiere on Sunday, August 27. At 1:30 p.m.… Michel Drucker will have Laurent Gerra as guest of honor and sponsor. As well as the two godmothers. Anne Roumanoff and Michele Bernier ». What about the former TPMP columnist?

So the reporter gave the answer. His coming should to make for a special occasione. Because it reminds one thing. That Michel Drucker will “continue the monthly tributes in Vivement Dimanche on France 3”.

In fact, for this occasion, he will invite the former TPMP columnist. As well as the actresses he chose to play in his play Bungalow 21. Namely the sisters Emmanuelle and Mathilde Seigner as Public reminds us.

But as we let you know… no date given yet. So you will have to be patient. In order to discover Benjamin Castaldi in the red armchairs. And praise his play.

A good thing for him then. This will allow him to give more information on this project. But also offer him a nice pub. This a few days before the start of the play. This should start on September 14.


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