TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi still swings on the reasons for his departure!

TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi balance encore sur les raisons de son départ !

During a passage on Europe 1 this Wednesday, Benjamin Castaldi returned to his departure from TPMP, citing new reasons.

For several weeks, we have known that Benjamin Castaldi will no longer sit in TPMP. If the columnist mentioned his new play as the main reason, here is that news has just been mentioned. He gave more details during his visit to Europe 1 this Wednesday, August 9.

Everything is fine with Cyril

A few days after his announcement, Aurore Aleman’s companion wanted to reassure everyone. Indeed, many thought that her relationship with Cyril Hanouna was not looking good. But it would be nothing.

In an interview for Télé 7 Jours, the now ex-columnist of TPMP has indeed reassured: I don’t leave angryon the contrary. I learned a lot alongside Cyril Hanouna, especially when he left me the reins of the program in his absence, I who didn’t know much about talk shows “.

However, even if all is well with the animator, the one who is preparing his play Bungalow 21, has just give other reasons. During his visit to Europe 1 on Wednesday, Benjamin Castaldi revealed that the show had taken a turn that no longer suited him.

At first, he returned to his joy at having taken part in the daily. Honestly, when I come to TPMP, I have a very nice TV experience. There is a tool that I have never worked with, it’s the talk show. I’ve never done it, so I’m discovering that”.

Let the former TPMP columnist know before continuing: “I think I still learned a lot of things alongside Cyril, because the talk show is extremely difficult. It goes extremely fast, in terms of repartee, etc I’m not the king of repartee, but I really enjoyed doing this show.

He claims to have also taken great pleasure in replacing Cyril Hanouna at times: “I was lucky enough to do it often on Fridays and last summer. And it was really a joy, that is to say, leaving for work thinking that we were going to have fun, it’s still an exceptional luxury. »

TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi still swings on the reasons for his departure!
TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi still swings on the reasons for his departure!

The new reasons for the departure of Benjamin Castaldi from TPMP

Even if he had a lot of fun, Benjamin Castaldi admits that the turn the program has taken has displeased him. Or rather, no longer suited him. Indeed, as the TV relay 7 daysthe companion of Aurore Aleman said:

“I will no longer be seen, because the show has taken a turn which is rather topical, etc. And that’s not my thing at all. I am not a political or societal columnist. Nothing at all. And I don’t want to give my opinion on subjects because it’s not my job. »

The now ex-columnist of TPMP continues: “So that was a problem for me this year. But that’s my problem. I didn’t want to react on current topics. In addition, it is a program where we say a sentence that is generally amplified, distorted… »

Subsequently, Benjamin Castaldi admits to having asked himself a few questions several months ago:I started asking myself questions in December. He carries Cyril to me, it’s true that I didn’t necessarily talk a lot”.

The TPMP columnist finally remembering his last controversial outing: “My last outing was on the chat. Crushed by the SNCF. Where I said we had done well to roll over the cat. Because we weren’t going to make 1200 people late for a cat… Let me tell you that I was well received on the networks! »


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