TPMP: Bernard Montiel films graves and makes internet users furious!

TPMP- Bernard Montiel filme des tombes et rend les internautes furieux !

While the TPMP columnists are all having a good holiday, Bernard Montiel has just created a bad buzz by filming a cemetery…

During his vacation in Saint-Tropez, TPMP columnist Bernard Montiel angered internet users. And for good reason: he filmed graves in a marine cemetery. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TPMP: a show that divides as much as it federates

It has been now more than 13 years since TPMP has been on the air. And we can say that over time, it has caused a stir by generating an ever larger audience.

At the same time, it’s no secret: Cyril Hanouna has the art and the way to create the buzz thanks to the magic of live. He’s a real genius!

In addition, the issue was often marked by big clashes that marked the public. In TPMP, it’s “no limit” and everyone knows it!

For the start of the school year, Cyril Hanouna is also planning a busy program with many new columnists. Without changing the usual formula which makes all the success of TPMP: debate and humor without moderation!

In the meantime, the members of the TPMP team are all spending good well deserved holidays. We have also seen Cyril Hanouna train in padel, his great passion, with friends in the south of France. Definitely, his competitive spirit pursues him everywhere, even outside his show!

Bernard Montiel, for his part, enjoys the good air of the Mediterranean in Saint-Tropez. But one of his vacation videos put him in a hell of a sauce on Twitter… MCE TV tells you more!

Bernard Montiel films a cemetery… and it doesn’t pass!

Sometimes it just takes a little to create controversy on Twitter. And Bernard Montiel, thinking he was sharing an innocent video with his fans, found himself in a funny controversy.

Indeed, after this great year in TPMP, he was visiting near the marine cemetery of Saint-Tropez. A magnificent place since it is located opposite the Mediterranean, and which the columnist of TPMP was quick to immortalize.

Moreover, this space of contemplation is known for home to many celebrities such as Jacques Brel, Jean Ferrat or Charles Aznavour. So far, so good for the TPMP columnist.

Only here, the first blunder of this video came from its caption, sincehe mistakenly announces the death of two stars. Enough to lose credibilityespecially for a journalist as renowned as Bernard Montiel in TPMP…

And the second blunder came from the sequence itself. Indeed, some Internet users have been shocked to see these graves in their Twitter feed, knowing that it is a sacred place. In short, we wish good luck to Bernard Montiel to get out of this sauce!

Anyway, we hope that he will recover from this episode for his return to TPMP. And we can’t wait to see him again at the start of the school year, in the company of Cyril Hanouna and the new team!


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