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TPMP, Daily and C to you: the return dates of the three shows!

TPMP, Daily and C to you: the return dates of the three shows!

Back to school is fast approaching and with it, the return of our favorite shows. Today, the editorial staff therefore reveals the dates of the comeback of TPMP, Daily and C to you. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

There will be changes on the set of TPMP

The last few months have been particularly rough for Cyril Hanouna. Because ! The troublemaker of the PAF faced several hasty departures. Among the columnists who took to their heels: Delphine Wespiser, Béatrice Rosen, Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi.

In an interview for TV Mag, the former flagship host of TF1 returned to his decision to leave TPMP. “My year as a columnist was complicated” he explained in particular. I had trouble expressing myself on news and social issues because it’s not me. »

“I was not comfortable and I no longer had my place. I could not limit myself to the floodgates on my debt or my ex-wives… And I was going around in circles. We talked about it with Cyril and we decided to stop by mutual agreement. We are not angry. I will be eternally grateful to him. »

The TPMP star also reported that Baba made several remarks to her about her silences. He often winked at me on this subject but it was not only valve. Cyril was basically right. I didn’t deliver what I had to deliver and that posed a problem for me. And to him too. »

From now on, he intends to embark on a new adventure: the theater. From September 14, her play Bungalow 21, in which Emmanuelle Seigner gives the reply to her sister Mathilde for the first time, should be played at the Madeleine theater in Paris. AIO Information tells you more about TPMP.

Do not touch my post, Daily and C to you: the big comeback

Exit the 4 columnists of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna was therefore obliged to recruit new faces. Among them : Evelyne Thomas, Alex Goude, Zahia Dehar or even Pascale de La Tour du Pin who hastened to announce her arrival on social networks.

“It is with enthusiasm that I begin a new chapter in my career. Joining C8 and the teams of Cyril Hanouna, produced by H2O Productions, is a pride and a privilege. As a journalist, I look forward to meeting you at the start of the school year! »she wrote on X on July 28.

For his part, the host of TPMP is in heaven. Besides, he will present his new recruits on September 4. Eh yes ! Only a few more weeks before Lino and Bianca’s dad returns to your screens. And this, like Yann Batthès and his Daily program broadcast every weeknight on TMC.

But also as Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine and C to you on France 5. After a nice and long two-month summer break, talk lovers will finally be able to follow their programs (TPMP, Daily and C à vous) again. And it feels good !



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