TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli reacts to the arrival of Zahia Dehar in the team!

TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli reacts to the arrival of Zahia Dehar in the team!

In just a few weeks, fans of Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP) will find Cyril Hanouna’s team. Kelly Vedovelli will be making a comeback. For her part, Zahia should join the show and become a columnist.

A new recruit in TPMP

For some time now, rumors swirl about Kelly Vedovelli. Some claim that it caused the departure of Delphine Wespiser in Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP).

Some sources claim that Kelly Vedovelli became very jealous of Delphine Wespiser who had a real complicity with Cyril Hanouna. As a reminder, the former Miss France had left Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP) before the end of the season.

And for good reason, W9 had called on Delphine Wespiser to animate Love Island. Cyril Hanouna had still promised Roger’s ex that she could come back as soon as she wanted.

But to everyone’s surprise, the former Miss France should not return in the next season of Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP). And according to several rumors, it is Kelly Vedovelli who is the cause.

For the moment, the pretty blonde did not wish to speak on the subject. She has all the same revealed more than once that we should not listen to the words about her. Recently, she is at the heart of a new story.

Indeed, some claim that Kelly Vedovelli will be in rivalry with the new columnist de Touche not at my post (TPMP): Zahia. The latter should join the team of Cyril Hanouna at the start of the next school year.

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“Don’t start talking nonsense”

In Story of his Instagram account, Kelly Vedovelli then decided to put an end to the gossip. She revealed that she had nothing against the arrival of Zahia in Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP). On the social network, she spoke.

Kelly Vedovelli swung that she had no rivalry with Zahia. She also said that if the latter joined the team, it was thanks to her. The young woman would have submitted the name of the model to the leaders of C8.

She also dropped in Story of her Instagram account: “Don’t start talking nonsense all there… Shut up, once and for all”. A post that has the merit of being clear.

At the start of the next school year, other columnists will come to TPMP. This is also the case of Pascale de La Tour du Pin. The latter is therefore eager to join the show of Cyril Hanouna.

On Twitter, the journalist then revealed: “It is with enthusiasm that I begin a new chapter in my career. Joining C8 and the teams of Cyril Hanouna, produced by H20 Productions, is a pride and a privilege”.

Before adding also: “As a journalist, I can’t wait to see you again at the start of the school year! ». Cyril Hanouna is also very happy with this new recruit in TPMP. Anyway, that’s what he confessed.

On the social network called X, he also wrote: “It is a great pride for me to welcome the best in its category. I couldn’t dream of a better transfer window. Building the channel’s future alongside Pascale is very motivating for us.


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