TPMP: Moundir delivers cash on its future in the audiovisual sector!

TPMP: Moundir delivers cash on its future in the audiovisual sector!

It had been several years since he had left the audiovisual world. Indeed, after his passages in Koh-Lanta, Moundir is became animator of Moundir and the apprentice adventurers. But after this W9 program, the ex-adventurer chose to take a break. He returns to TPMP at the start of the school year.

new arrivals

His arrival was announced during the summer. Moreover, it did not fail to react. Notably on Booba’s side who called Cyril Hanouna’s new columnist a traitor. As a reminder, B2O and Baba are no longer on good terms.

However, Moundir is not alone in joining the TPMP band. In order to compensate for the many departures, Cyril Hanouna has decided to call on many new personalities and these are numerous.

For example, we will be able to find Pascale de La Tour du Pin, Zahia Dehar, Alex Goude, or even Jacques Cardoze. But also Ségolène Royal. All will come to take part in the daily and will each have a different role.

The arrival of Moundir was also justified by a C8 employee in an interview for Le Parisien. “This will balance the round table. We will also have on one side Jacques Cardoze. But also Éric Naulleau and Ségolène Royal. And also from the other Raymond Aabou, Moundir. As well as Gilles Verdez and Guillaume Genton! ».

Did he know about the arrival of the ex-candidate of Koh-Lanta in TPMP. So far, the principal concerned had not reacted. You just had to be patient. Maybe this one was in the middle of a poker tournament which he loves.

Or maybe he was just enjoying his vacation before a busy year work and stress. Never mind, Moundir finally took over his Instagram account to explain his choice to join Cyril Hanouna.

See this post on Instagram

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Why Moundir joins TPMP?

“Over the past three years, my trajectory in the audio world has often reminded me of a stormy sea. With its ups and downs. There were those times when I am found in the hollow of the wave. Fervently seeking innovative formats ».

First dropped the new TPMP columnist. But as noted by our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours, he did not stop there. Indeed, he continues: “I persisted in meeting industry professionals. Even when everything seemed to be a foregone conclusion”.

Before adding: when the cards seemed already dealt. Because on TV, as in many other areas… the game is never really done. The wheel spins. And you have to know how to seize your chance”.

The new TPMP columnist continued: “The harshness of the audiovisual environment remains an undeniable reality. And yet, you have to continue to believe in your own patience. In his own view. Even in the face of adversity. TV works in cycles: sometimes we find ourselves at the peak of the wave. Driven by success. And at other times… we are swallowed up by it. Looking for a breath of fresh air ».

Moundir finally concluded:Today, I look back with pride. Knowing that when you are good and patient, sooner or later. It pays. And I am ready to face the next cycles. With the same determination. and the same love. »


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