TPMP: Pascale de La Tour du Pin will host another program on C8!

TPMP: Pascale de La Tour du Pin will host another program on C8!

Back to school is coming and the new programs will soon be able to start. In fact, everyone is waiting for the big debut of Pascale de La Tour du Pin on C8. Indeed, this onejoin Cyril Hanouna’s band and will have an important role in TPMP. But that’s not all !

Many changes

Note that this new season of the daily promises many surprises. To start with the new faces that will land. In case you didn’t know, many columnists have jumped ship.

Matthieu Delormeau and Benjamin Castaldi left the program. But Delphine Wespiser also wished to bid farewell to TPMP. To replace all these beautiful people, Baba has decided to appeal to certain familiar faces. From Ségolène Royal to Moundir, via Jacques Cardoze.

Besides, Ségolène Royal will play a role specific on a daily basis. Indeed, she will not be a simple columnist. She will have a very different role and this one will be linked to political news as you will soon discover.

She will do a political decryption every week. I will give keys to understand the news, support people in their reflections. For example, I will explain what a 49.3 is, how the price of electricity is set…”. she announced.

Moreover, she will be joined by Pascale de La Tour du Pin on TPMP. This too will have a very specific role. She also expressed her joy in joining Cyril Hanouna. Although her departure from BFM saddened her greatly.

She had also expressed her sadness in a very nice message posted on her social networks. More precisely on July 28, 2023, on the network that we must now call X, but understand Twitter for the diehards.

Another program for Pascale de La Tour du Pin in addition to TPMP

“It is with enthusiasm that I begin a new chapter in my career. Join C8 and the teams of Cyril Hanouna, produced by H2O Productions… is a pride and a privilege. As a journalist, I look forward to meeting you at the start of the school year! #NewChapter #C8″.

She let it be known. Before adding, in a press release relayed by C8 for his new role in TPMP:“After 15 years in radio and television, I wanted a new challenge. I am very enthusiastic to take up this new challenge within the H20 family. And with the C8″ chain.

Before concluding : I would have at heart to keep my requirement journalistic to put it at the service of various programs combining information and entertainment ». But our colleagues from Public let it be known that this is not the only show she will be working on.

The journalist Thomas Pouilly indeed indicates: she will animate PAF: French Audiovisual Police. A “new media talk show. Broadcast Monday through Friday, live. From Tuesday, September 5 at 5:50 p.m. Paf Le Jeu will follow between 6:45 p.m. and 7:05 p.m. while waiting for TPMP. »

So you will understand, Back to school on C8 promises to be busy. And especially for new columnists. As well as the animators recruited by Cyril Hanouna. Hoping that they perform in their new role.


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