TPMP: the crazy age difference of Gilles Verdez with his first darling!

TPMP: the crazy age difference of Gilles Verdez with his first darling!

This Tuesday, August 8, Gilles Verdez celebrates his 59th birthday. The opportunity to return to the private life of the columnist of TPMP. The latter did not fail to surprise his colleagues with a surprising info.

TPMP: the birthday of a columnist

This Tuesday, August 8, while the holidays are in full swing, TPMP fans await the return of their show. However, the various columnists seem to enjoy their month of August with joy. Among them, Bernard Montiel who enjoy a stay in Saint-Tropez.

Another columnist also just gave his news on Tuesday. This is Gilles Verdez, the 59-year-old host. For this occasion, Cyril Hanouna’s sidekick celebrated this day surrounded by his loved ones. Just that !

Accompanied by Fatou, his longtime companion. The two lovebirds are besides officially united in Senegal last year. A sweet event that the journalist mentioned several times on the set of TPMP.

But that’s not all. Indeed, Gilles Verdez also likes to talk about his past life. Thus, the writer had a love affair with a woman of unknown identity. The columnist had also confided that the mother of his daughter had cheated on him with a former member of a boy band.

But that’s not all. Indeed, other revelations about this ex-relationship did not fail to surprise his colleagues.

Gilles Verdez: revelations about his ex

In the midst of a debate on the age difference between couples, Gilles Verdez surprised the columnists of TPMP. Indeed, Cyril Hanouna wondered about the age of his companion current, Fatou. A question to which the journalist answers: “Yes, we are a bit apart. But I had more distance with the mother of my daughter. »

An announcement that did not fail to arouse the curiosity of Cyril Hanouna who immediately wanted to know more. Thus, the presenter had as an answer: “It was a big gap. Around twenty. » A revelation that did not fail to leave a chill on the air.

Not knowing what to say Cyril Hanouna remained perplexed. So, to avoid scandal, Gillez Verdez also added: “I’m 58 and my daughter is 14.” The young woman in question must therefore have been 24 and he 44 years old. What Cyril Hanouna answers: “It’s okay, it’s ok.

For the moment, the TPMP columnist does not wish to enlarge his family. Asked about this, he wanted to make things clear. No. I don’t want to rebuild a life“. We have many children in the family. Fatou has three children, said Gilles Verdez last May on the set.

“That’s four already!, he continued enthusiastically. For his part, his ex-colleague, Benjamin Castaldi enjoy family life too with her four boys. For now, the host left TPMP for new adventures. Does he have plans for the arrival of a little girl?


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