TPMP: the ex-columnist Tatiana Delarue at worst without her son!

TPMP: the ex-columnist Tatiana Delarue at worst without her son!

Tatiana Delarue rose to prominence as a columnist on the show It’s only TV, the first part of TPMP. Since her departure in 2019, the young woman has created her little family. Moreover, the separation with his son and rather difficult.

Tatiana Delarue started on TPMP

Between 2017 and 2019, Tatiana Delarue was a columnist on the show It’s only TV. This is the ancestor of 6 to 7, the show in the first part of TPMP.

Alongside C8, the young woman also wrote a book In the name of battered women: My life, my ordeal, my testimony, and worked on the radio. She even received the title of Best Web Radio Host 2019.

Although she was very fond of TPMP, she wanted to leave the show in July 2019. So she informed her fans on social networks.

“After 2 seasons of CQDLT with Julien Courbet (thank you for your trust) and Valérie Benaïm, I take off for new adventures... I thank C8, H2O production and Cyril Hanouna for their trust. The best to all my colleagues on set, management, offices”she explained.

Moreover, when TPMP fans asked her the reasons for her departure, she simply replied: I devais to be free to have the chance to sign my projectyou”.

Anyway, since 2019, Tatiana Delarue has focused on her relationship with Xavier Delarue. On February 10, 2022, she gave birth to her son, Newt.

However, a few months after the birth of the latter, the columnist of TPMP left her spouse. So, the separation with his son is very difficult.

See this post on Instagram

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“Mom was never far from her baby”

The TPMP era is very far away for Tatiana Delarue. From now on, she concentrates on her new obligations as a single mother.

And for good reason, it must be said that she had difficulty getting pregnant. She cares so much for her little boy.

This Wednesday, August 9, 2023, the young woman posted a photo on Instagram in front of an airplane. She’s getting ready to go on a trip, but there’s nothing happy about it.

“My very first trip alone… Newt is on vacation! I have never gone backwards on a trip, but there…”explained the former columnist of TPMP.

Before continuing: “Mom was never far from her baby, for nearly 27 months, first in my bidou then near me. It is with my torn little heart that I will take the plane. I don’t feel able to be away from you”.

Unsurprisingly, his post made TPMP fans react. “The hardest thing is to let go but leaving will do you good”, “Heavy heart but the reunion will be superb”, “You’ll see, it’s also good to be alone to recharge your batteries”can we read in the comments.

One thing is sure, the separation is very hard for Tatiana Delarue. Fortunately, the son of this former columnist of TPMP will have fun on vacation with his father. And he will find his mother very quickly!


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