TPMP: the return date of Cyril Hanouna’s show revealed!

TPMP: the return date of Cyril Hanouna's show revealed!

We know the return date of TPMP! Indeed, since the end of June, Cyril Hanouna and his team have gone on vacation for the summer. But in a few weeks, it will be time to get back to work. We tell you more.

TPMP: many changes at the start of the school year

At the start of the school year, there will be something new at TPMP. Indeed, the show suffered a few departures. And important departures. Indeed, at the end of the season, Benjamin Castaldi who was also Cyril Hanouna’s joker has announced his departure.

After 7 years of loyal service, the father of the family decides to sail towards other horizons. Indeed, we will find him at the theater at the start of the school year for a new play. But this is not the only departure. Indeed, Matthieu Delormeau also part of the C8 program.

The reasons for his departure are a little more mysterious. So, to fill these gaps, it was necessary to recruit for the new season of TPMP. So, at the start of the school year, we will find a new pastille with Ségolène Royal For example.

But the woman politician will not do chronicles but rather a decryption of the info. ” I will not be a columnist, as I have read. I will intervene in a sequence entitled ‘Ségolène explains’. I will give keys to understand the news » she explained to the Parisian.

She will therefore be regularly alongside Cyril Hanouna to give another vision of the news on TPMP. But that’s not the show’s only hire. Indeed, a BFMTV presenter will also join the team.

The return date of the show revealed

Indeed, Pascale de la Tour du Pin, former presenter of the BFMTV’s Dej Info will join TPMP. Apparently, she could host a new show before the start of Cyril Hanouna’s. The goal is to replace the 6 to 7.

And that’s a bit of a joke. Everyone wonders for example facilitator’s salary. Especially since the latter arrives from the info channel for the C8 broadcast. Which is not really common.

According to one of her colleagues at Le Parisien, the latter ” will have a very nice checkprobably the fattest people around Cyril”. It must be said that in addition to being Cyril Hanouna’s Joker, she will therefore host her own show before.

To see if this new formula works. In any case, it’s official, we know the date of return of TPMP. And that will be September 4th. Besides, it will also be the return of the Daily show but also C à Vous.

As a reminder, these talk shows are all at the same times. The competition is therefore tough. To see what the hearings of the C8 show will give at the start of the school year. Either way, there will be many changes.


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