TPMP: This anecdote from Bernard Montiel insulted singer Renaud!

TPMP – this anecdote from Bernard Montiel insulted singer Renaud!

Among the TPMP columnists, Bernard Montiel is one of the most wet in his speeches. He didn’t hesitate to tell an anecdote that visibly upset Renaud. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

TPMP: a program that still divides viewers

It has been many years since the TPMP show secured a permanent place among the participants the most popular programs the PAF. But also the most controversial ones, and that probably won’t change any time soon!

In fact, Cyril Hanouna still maintains the line of behavior that characterizes him The success of the show since its beginning : heated debates, controversial personalities and, above all, a good dose of laughter. You either love it or you hate it!

And the least we can say is that the host of TPMP knew how to surround himself with it colorful columnists, to say the least to this new season. Starting with Polska, who surprised Cyril Hanouna his reaction to politics. Nobody expected that!

In addition, Géraldine Maillet has taken her freedom Settle the score with Jean-Michel Apathy live. We can assure you that she didn’t go there with the back of the spoon!

And finally Danielle Moreau surprised many viewers admitted she had done it I have a crush on this columnist From the band. You had to dare, casually!

But then what is this famous anecdote from Bernard Montiel? disturbed the singer Renaud ? AIO Information tells you more!

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Bernard Montiel reveals an embarrassing anecdote from Renaud

The singer Renaud is at the center of all concerns lately. And for good reason: his health condition after alcohol addiction worries many of his fans…

But luckily, Christophe Mourthé, a very close friend of the singer, recently went to the TPMP set give news. What reassure a large part of the public.

However, he also took the opportunity to do so take action against Bernard Montiel. He who would have angered Renaud after telling a humiliating anecdote about him.

But you should also know that the TPMP columnist revealed a story that goes back 40 years. and that he was already making fun of alcoholism by Renaud. In fact, he admitted he took it “a holiday break” with the singer from Cap Ferret.

“It hurts himBecause he reads all of it, listens to all of it and doesn’t understand all of it.” explained Christophe Mourthé, referring to Bernard Montiel’s comments on the show. What also moved the person most affected.

“I regret if I hurt him, because I also have great respect for him. What I said was true, but in reality, as I stated, it was 40 years ago., the columnist apologized. Not without showing signs of embarrassment.

So he will have to catch up to be safe Keep your place in the TPMP. Especially since Cyril Hanouna appears upset about his behavior


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