TPMP: this very surprising link between Bernard Montiel and Pierre Palmade!

TPMP: this very surprising link between Bernard Montiel and Pierre Palmade!

A real friendship between Pierre Palmade and Bernard Montiel! While the TPMP columnist has everything not to comment on the comedian’s accident, MCETV explains why. The two men have known each other for a very long time!

A very long friendship

Because February 10 marked a terrible turning point in the life of Pierre Palmade. While spending a very long evening with friends, he decides to get behind the wheel. But the comedian used drugsand has been partying for more than 24 hours at the time of driving.

As he drives to the supermarket, the artist swerves and hits a car. A family finds itself seriously injured. The mother loses her baby. Which must have shocked a TPMP columnist more than the others: Bernard Montiel, who knows the comedian.

Indeed, when the program evokes the accident of Pierre Palmade, Bernard Montiel avoids subjects that are too cumbersome. So much so that Paris Match puts him in a bad position, leaving an anecdote about his friend … which he attended.

It would indeed be a cocaine intake during an RFM interview. Asked on the set of TPMP, Bernard Montiel ends up admitting that this strange sequence did exist. Same she had a very bad experience of this moment in front of his friend.

“To be honest, I received Pierre for ‘La fine team 2’ on RFM. But he was not in good shape at all. So that I asked not to broadcast the images. » A very moment in front of a friend he has known for a very long time… and whom he sees in the hard.

TPMP: childhood friends

But the story doesn’t end there. Indeed, after this interview therefore Bernard Montiel can only keep “a few bits not too bad”, Pierre Palmade leaves. But he leaves leaving his friend in the lurch…because of his problem with drugs.

“But when he leaves, a colleague comes back screaming: ‘Bernard, your friend left a little bag in the toilet!‘ It caused a huge scandal, but I had never talked about it. » One of the only moments on TPMP where Bernard Montiel talks about Pierre Palmade.

And for good reason, the two men have known each other for a very long time. Photos of them together in Paris dating from around twenty years are still circulating on social networks. But their bond seems older and stronger than that.

Indeed, the two men both grew up in Bordeaux. They attended the same high school, Michel-Montaigne. And the two men know each other too well for Bernard Montiel to seem neutral on TPMP regarding this case.

Moreover, during another interview on RFM, in 2020, the two men had the opportunity to show this link. ” your mom was my english teacher“, thus recalls Bernard Montiel to Pierre Palmade. A long-standing friendship…

And who must have put Bernard Montiel in a more than uncomfortable position. Because the columnist must have weighed each pro and each counter during questions on the set. It remains to be seen whether he has seen his friend since the accident.


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