TPMP: Zahia Dehar responds to rumors of rivalry with Kelly Vedovelli!

TPMP: Zahia Dehar responds to rumors of rivalry with Kelly Vedovelli!

As you know, this year, TPMP welcomes new people around the table. But will Zahia be present? And does she get along well with Kelly Vedovelli. The young woman responds on Instagram. We tell you more.

Are Zahia and Kelly Vedovelli at war?

As you know, TPMP columnists decided to leave the show at the end of the season. This is the case for example of Matthieu Delormeau but also by Benjamin Castaldi who was Cyril Hanouna’s joker.

The latter has decided to embark on the theater next year. So there will be new arrivals to replace. This is the case by example of Ségolène Royal but not only. Apparently, Zahia Dehar is expected to join the show next year.

But according to rumors, the young woman would not get along at all with Kelly Vedovelli. So, the young women decided to debunk all these rumors by speaking out on the subject. The TPMP columnist even explained that she had “sI forgot the idea of ​​hiring Zahia for production”.

Don’t start talking your nonsense all there...Close it once and for all ». Not very pleasant words but which put an end to this so-called rivalry. Indeed, his “rival” replied: “I confirm it, it’s really nonsense. I am in love by Kelly Vedovelli. »

Here is an answer that should do stop the rumors about the two women. Apparently, the TPMP columnist is thrilled to see Zahia Dehar join the TPMP team. So there will be no competition between the two.

TPMP: many changes

Zahia will therefore join the benches of the show at the start of the school year. She will therefore be alongside Kelly Vedovelli. But not only. In fact, we recently learned that a former presenter of BFMTV was going to join Cyril Hanouna.

In addition, Pascale de la Tour du Pin will also be the host’s joker. A very important role. Normally, his role will be to animate the show that was before 6 to 7. But this year, it’s not the same. It will be a new formula.

In it, the presenter should do a decryption of the media. To see what it gives! In any case, TPMP resumes soon. Indeed, we have just learned the return date of the show. And it’s September 4th.

At the same time as Quotidien but also from C to you. All the talk shows resume at the same time with new features for the start of the school year. Zahia will therefore arrive on the set. We wonder if it will be on a recurring basis or not.

So there are still questions for the start of the school year. There will surely be a few surprises at the start of the school year on TPMP. In any case, for this new formula, they will welcome new columnists.

In the meantime, Cyril Hanouna is enjoying his last weeks of vacation. But on Twitter, he expressed his eagerness to return to the set of his show.


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