Turbo Overkill: Ultra-fast shooter delights Steam players

Turbo Overkill: Ultra-fast shooter delights Steam players

“Boomer” shooter fans take note: Turbo Overkill was released on August 11th as full version 1.0 on Steam. It was previously available as an Early Access title. The game has received an “extremely positive” response from Steam users. A total of 2,244 user reviews were submitted, with an overwhelming 95 percent being “positive”.

What makes Turbo Overkill special?

In Turbo Overkill, the player takes on the role of Johnny Turbo, who hidden arm rockets and an ankle saw equipped to massacre opponents with skillful slide moves. Johnny returns to his hometown of Paradise and quickly learns that the townsfolk are possessed and controlled by a rogue AI and an army of henchmen with cyberpunk implants. But short on cash, he takes on the job of destroying the greatest AI ever created. But bounty hunters are already on their way to finish him off.

Turbo Overkill introduces the so-called Turbo Time as an ultra-fast shooter – a form of slow motion with a twist. When Turbo Time is activated, the player can perform acrobatic wall runs and jumps while gaining speed. Gliding on the chainsaw leg is also made much easier, so that the slicing of opponents reaches a certain tactical depth, such as in Doom Eternal. The arsenal of weapons is similarly wacky: The twin Magnums auto-target multiple enemies, while the Boomer Shootgun even has a grenade launcher attached. The Telefragger Sniper Rifle even teleports Johnny inside an opponent before they explode from within.

To celebrate the release, there is a 15 percent discount on the purchase price until August 18, which means that the title can be had for around 14 euros. But you can also get an insight into Turbo Overkill for free, because a demo of the game is also offered free of charge. Chainsaw massacre ahoy!

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