Tutor for Dubai’s billionaires: “They gave me a $20,000 tip”

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Wealth, beauty and perhaps intelligence are often born into the children of the richest. One thing that even the richest have to pay for after birth is education.

A 25-year-old tutor has now told “Business Insider” how much the richest families in Dubai actually spend this last privilege.

“Once my car broke down and I was late for the tutoring session,” he says. “I told my student’s mother why I was late and the next time she gave me $7,000 in cash to get my car repaired.”

Tutor: “They tipped me $20,000”

The same family gave him a tip of $20,000 after a year of work – in addition to the many gifts he received during his work.

Other families openly communicated that education was just a formality for them. One of his students was advised by his older brother “not to worry about learning” because “father would take care of everything.”

This older brother then offered him 3,000 US dollars (approx. 2,812.50 euros) to do a single homework assignment for his brother.

Dubai’s rich kids live in a different world

In fact, his students lived in a different world. One, for example, lived in an apartment in the middle of Dubai that stretched over five floors and included an art gallery, a massage room, a gym, a cinema, a private elevator and guard dogs at the entrance as well as dozens of servants.

Another had his own classroom in the house that was “better equipped than anything you would ever see in a normal classroom.” After an art lesson with this student, he wanted to clean up, says the tutor. But his young student vehemently objected.

“Absolutely not,” the child said. “I don’t pay you to clean. I pay she“To clean!” He pointed to a nanny.

Russian billionaires were less cordial than Dubai’s billionaires

What he particularly remembers was the warmth of Dubai’s rich people, says the tutor. For example, he once taught the child of a Russian family and had a completely different experience.

Although the family took him on their yacht so he could teach the child during their cruise along the Italian coast, he always had to hide in his cabin during parties.

On the one hand, the Russian family was proud to employ a native English speaker for their children. Accordingly, she liked to talk about him and let him take part in free water sports, wine tours and expensive meals. But on the other hand, he was never viewed as part of the family, but always as a servant.

This is how you (theoretically) recognize a rich person

How do the rich in Europe behave? Just recently, a Swiss private banker revealed what, in his experience, is common to all rich people in Europe: an unwillingness to let others know about their wealth.

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