Ukraine sends the strongest brigade to the front: elite unit advances in the south

Ukrainian soldiers on the southern front

Ukraine’s 82nd Air Assault Brigade, which Forbes called “ridiculously powerful” in May, is now showing its strength, according to the Kyiv Post. This brigade, armed with NATO-supplied infantry armored vehicles and British Challenger tanks, appears to be making advances around the village of Robotyne in southern Ukraine, the Kyiv Post reported. As early as May, Stefan Korshak from the Kyiv Post emphasized the extraordinary capacity of this brigade, which, thanks to its equipment, is able to advance quickly and secure territory.

According to estimates by the Institute for the Study of War, Ukrainian troops had already advanced into Robotyne, with reports indicating that other brigades were involved. According to available information, this also includes the 82nd Brigade. The Kyiv Post noted that Ukrainian milbloggers particularly highlighted the achievements of this brigade.

Existence never officially confirmed

While the Ukrainian military has never officially confirmed the existence of this brigade, leaked Pentagon documents hinted at it. For example, 40 German Marder-type tracked infantry fighting vehicles and 90 US Stryker vehicles were counted among the brigade’s equipment. Both types of vehicles are equipped with modern technology, but they are not primarily intended for fighting tanks. Therefore, the brigade was additionally equipped with 14 British Challenger 2 tanks. This is considered to be one of the best tanks on the battlefield. The crews of these tanks were trained in Britain before being assigned to the 82nd Brigade, the Kyiv Post reported.

Visual evidence of the use of this brigade and its equipment has emerged in recent days. A video was released showing a Stryker vehicle, as well as images showing a Marder tank near Robotyne.

Future military action remains uncertain, but the Challenger tanks are believed to be used to breach Russian defenses. Despite the outstanding equipment and potential of the 82nd Brigade, capturing Robotyne and realizing the goal of Ukrainian troops to reach the Sea of ​​Azov will be a challenge. That would be a significant step in dividing the occupying Russian forces.


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