US chooses losing strategy for Ukraine: Washington’s procrastination prolongs suffering


The current political situation in Ukraine gives cause for concern. Ukraine is in the 18th month of its defensive struggle against the Russian invasion. Despite the support of Washington and Brussels, there are clear signs that the US does not support a determined offensive by Ukraine. According to The Hill, this is to the detriment of the Ukrainian people as the conflict continues and the suffering of the people is prolonged.

The Hill points out that Washington has doubts about Ukraine’s ability to successfully defend its country. The US’s primary concern seems to be to avoid an escalation of the conflict that could draw NATO into a larger war with Russia. Rather than adopting a proactive strategy that allows Ukraine to go on the offensive, the Biden administration has remained cautious.

USA have not clearly defined war aim

In response to Russian aggression, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed Ukraine’s need to defend itself and maintain its sovereignty. According to The Hill, while the US government has picked up on this rhetoric, it has not clearly defined what exactly “victory” means. The main focus has been on “defense” with no clear long-term strategy for the conflict.

Another notable point raised by The Hill is the US unwillingness to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons to attack possible targets in Russia. This has prolonged the war and further affected civilians as Russia continues to bomb civilian targets such as neighborhoods and hospitals.

Germany reflects US attitude

There are also signs, according to The Hill, that Washington is trying behind the scenes to seek a negotiated settlement to the conflict without fully backing Ukraine.

As The Hill reports, Germany seems poised to follow in US policy’s footsteps by making modifications to the programming of its Taurus cruise missiles. These changes should probably serve to “prevent Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory”. Germany’s actions thus reflect the cautious attitude adopted by Washington.

The Hill


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