Vampire drones ready for the hunt: Ukraine’s latest technology at the front

Ukrainian soldier controls a drone

The Army of Drones project, a cooperation between various Ukrainian ministries and agencies, has announced that it will send over 270 domestically produced vampire attack drones to the line of contact. This was announced on Telegram by Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation and Minister for Digital Transformation.

According to Fedorov, the drones were manufactured nationally and could carry up to 15 kilograms of payload. Ukrainska Pravda reports that these UAVs can be used to attack armored vehicles, tanks, Russian defences, fortifications and ammunition dumps. Thanks to an integrated thermal imaging camera, these drones could also operate effectively at night. “The impressive capabilities of these drones will soon be seen in UAV attack company reports,” the source said.

As background information, Ukrainska Pravda emphasizes that in just three days, the Ukrainian people donated an impressive 235 million UAH (equivalent to about 6.3 million US dollars) through various platforms and foundations. The goal of this fundraiser was to purchase 10,000 Kamikaze drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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