Vampire Survivors: Local co-op available

Vampire Survivors: Local co-op available

Four characters can now play simultaneously in Vampire Survivors with local co-op.

Developer Poncle has released a local co-op mode for Vampire Survivors. The update is available free of charge for all players on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

From now on, up to four players can team up and fight together against a host of enemies.

Those who die in co-op leave behind a tombstone, but can be revived. There is also a pure co-op item with the friendship amulet. The finder can use it to grant all players a level up, but they will then receive a random weapon.

With the new co-op mode there are also new options:

  • outline and cursor color selection;
  • permanent outlines;
  • (PC) Assignment of the first connected controller to player 1 or player 2;
    Applying player color to UI selector arrows;
  • Turn-based opening of treasure chests (usually happens pseudo-randomly)

Check out the new co-op trailer and learn more in the official FAQ.


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