"Vision for e-sports in Germany 2030": That is what the expert group is planning

"Vision for e-sports in Germany 2030": That is what the expert group is planning

How will eSports develop in Germany? Currently there is stagnation – the question of non-profit status is asked again and again. But there are no results. Only towards the end of last year was the topic postponed again in politics.

In view of this impasse, a group of experts from well-known names in the industry has now formulated a paper entitled “Vision for e-sports in Germany 2030”. The group presents the challenges that need to be addressed. A long list: “New monetization paths in professional e-sports, the development of mass sports clubs for the common good, broader social acceptance, the promotion of young people, infrastructure and science, increased nationwide representation and positioning Germany in international competition.” Obstacles that can only be overcome if “we organize ourselves together as an industry and community in order to improve the framework conditions in the long term”.

Charity remains the core theme

The group divides their demands and intentions into four areas. The first item listed is “Innovations for e-sports offerings in Germany”. Among other things, this addresses “the development of new monetization paths and target groups”.

The second field, “Sustainable growth in the amateur sector”, includes the core topic, the recognition of non-profit status for eSports clubs and those with eSports offerings, as well as the founding of additional state associations. In addition, a comprehensive development strategy is to be drawn up, with a focus on players, young professionals and qualification – mentioned under the point “Promotion of Germany as a location for e-sports”.

The past few years have shown that the ESBD has not been able to meet its goals.

Open letter “Vision for e-sports in Germany 2030”

Under “Expansion and professionalization of association structures”, the group of experts also criticizes the eSports Federation Germany (ESBD): “Basically, an association that works specifically for e-sports is the right idea. However, the past few years have shown that the ESBD can could not fully meet the goals set.” It is noteworthy that Matthias Konen, a member of the ESBD, sits on the expert group.

Due to the failures of the association, the merger calls for an “intensification of the representation of interests in social, economic, scientific and political issues, support for the structure development by politics through regular exchange at state and federal level as well as greater participation of the industry and community in the association structures”.

ESBD ​​welcomes “great interest in overarching goals”

The ESBD immediately commented: “The ESBD welcomes the E-Sport Vision 2030 and is pleased about the great interest of the signatories in wanting to work on common, overarching goals,” said Vice President Christopher Flato. “We see here too the desire for greater organization from within our industry in order to be able to advance overarching issues. We are open to that and we look forward to active support.” The group also relies on cooperation and emphasizes that “we should look ahead” and work on an ESBD that is empowered to do so, as an advocate of e-sports to perform in Germany”.

A goal that is popular. Under the item “Supporters” people or organizations can confirm the demands. SK Gaming and Eintracht Spandau, among others, have already registered. It was not announced what further steps are planned outside of the requirements.


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