Walker’s penalty admission

Walker's penalty admission

Kyle Walker is now 33 years old, he has already won numerous titles, and once, in a Champions League game at Atalanta Bergamo in November 2019, he even stood between the posts as a temporary goalkeeper and kept a clean sheet. But there’s one thing Walker hasn’t done in his entire career: taking a penalty during regulation time.

It was all the more astonishing that Manchester City’s right-back not only took penalties in the UEFA Supercup against Sevilla FC on Wednesday evening, but was also the fifth shooter. On the other hand, it is less surprising that he literally shook his attempt against goalkeeper Bono into the net and celebrated it extensively. It was the decisive 5:4 because Nemanja Gudelj only hit the crossbar afterwards.

“That’s what big teams do: they take advantage of the mistakes of others”

“Anyone who has ever played with me knows that I don’t like taking penalties,” Walker admitted to “TNT Sport” after the Supercup triumph. “I don’t like letting people down when I don’t score. The manager put me up as number five. It’s clear that as captain and leader I have to take the penalty. Luckily he went in and it was the winning goal.”

Walker was not bothered by the fact that after a performance that was only partially convincing, the penalty lottery decided on the fourth title within a few months. “That’s what big teams do: they take advantage of each other’s mistakes. We pushed our luck but we made it.”

The question of Walker’s future remained open. After a move to FC Bayern had been in the air for weeks, which finally burst, there were finally signs of a contract extension. But it’s not that far yet. There is “no update” to report, said coach Pep Guardiola tight-lipped on Wednesday evening.

The Catalan had recently raved about Walker’s qualities and has supported this opinion so far this season: the extremely fast full-back was on the pitch in all three competitive games for the full season.


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