“We lost”: Ukrainians too strong – Russia concedes defeat

Ukrainian soldiers ride on the front line near Bakhmut.

After weeks of bitter fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces around the village of Uroschaine in Donetsk Oblast, Russian forces conceded defeat. According to the Daily Express, forces from Kyiv were trying to reach the Sea of ​​Azov and split the Russian forces. Russian officials, defending a key frontline flashpoint, admitted after claims by Ukrainian officials that their troops were in distress in the village.

The village of Uroshaine, which is near the Zaporizhia-Donetsk border, became the focal point of heavy tank battles. The Daily Express quotes Hanna Mailar, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister, as saying her troops “liberated” the village from the occupying Russians. Shortly thereafter, the Chechen Vostok Battalion, which is leading Russian troops in Uroshaine, admitted that Ukraine had breached its defenses.

Hundreds of Ukrainians and lots of tanks deployed

The Daily Express mentions that Russian military bloggers reported that Ukraine had sent hundreds of soldiers and a significant number of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to fight for Uroshaine in recent days. However, these battles were not always successful, especially when attempting to cross the Mokri Yaly River, which is a natural fortification.

Over the past week, Russian sources have reported a rapid withdrawal from Uroshaine. Interestingly, pro-Kremlin Russian military bloggers began labeling Uroshaine as a “grey zone,” meaning areas that are not controlled by either side. The Washington Institute for the Study of War noted, according to the Daily Express, that such sources often use the “grey area” classification to minimize actual Russian casualties.

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