When does the summer 2023 transfer window close?

When does the summer 2023 transfer window close?

Even if many clubs have supposedly already completed their squads, the transfer market still has a few surprises in store in its final phase.

Saudi Arabia scours Europe

The Saudi Professional League threw its huge amounts of money around and lured many well-known players from Europe to the Gulf state. Neymar, Karim Benzema or Jordan Henderson are just a few examples.

Four of the five top leagues close at the same time

But the transfer madness will soon come to a halt, because the notorious “Deadline Day” is getting closer and closer. Four of the five clubs from the top leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany) have until September 1 (6 p.m.) to sign new players. In the Netherlands, transfers are only allowed until August 31st.

In addition, it is only possible to sell your own players if the player is sold or loaned to a country where transfers are still permitted at this point in time. Players could then still be transferred to Turkey (September 8th) or Portugal (September 22nd).

Uncontracted players as an exception

An exception are players without a contract. These can be signed at any time, as there is no need to negotiate with any other club to sign the player.


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