Wild rumor about Starfield: Players will swap PS5 for Xbox before release

Starfield: Completely peaceful gameplay will probably not be possible

Bethesda’s Starfield will be released on September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Players on the Playstation 5 are at a disadvantage, because the SciFi role-playing game will not come to the Sony console. As Xbox boss Phil Spencer explained last June, Microsoft is said to have taken over Zenimax and Bethesda only to prevent Starfield from being exclusive to Sony’s console. However, if you believe a rumour, Playstation players don’t want to be left out and are swapping their consoles for a Microsoft device.

Supposedly lively exchange at Gamestop

The more than wild rumor recently came up on Twitter. One user claimed that an executive at the Gamestop retail chain mentioned to him that many players are currently trading in their Playstaton 5 consoles. They would trade their Sony device for an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S to play Starfield.

If you can hardly wait for the release of Starfield, you can at least start the preload these days. As Bethesda recently indicated, there will be a tiered preload based on platform. Xbox Series X|S players will be able to preload the RPG as early as August 17th. On the PC, however, the preload will only start on August 30th.

Anyone who buys the Premium Edition of Starfield can even start playing the game from September 1st, while everyone else will have to wait until September 6th. As the colleagues from Windows Central report, the normal version of the game will be playable in this country from 2 a.m. In addition, Starfield is said to take up around 125 gigabytes of space on the hard drives.

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