Without human contact: Niger’s detained President Bazoum receives a doctor’s visit for the first time

Without human contact: Niger's detained President Bazoum receives a doctor's visit for the first time

Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum, who has been held for more than two weeks, has had his doctor’s visit for the first time. According to the doctor, the 63-year-old, his wife and his son are doing well, said Presidential Advisor Abdourahamane Insar on Saturday.

Before the doctor’s visit to the presidential palace on Saturday morning, there had been great concern for the situation of the president and his family.

The United Nations, governments and human rights organizations have criticized the prison conditions of the head of state, who was arrested and ousted by the Presidential Guard on July 26.

Bazoum recently told the human rights organization Human Rights Watch that he was forced to eat dry foods. His son is being denied treatment despite a heart condition. “I have had no power since August 2nd and no human contact since August 4th. I am not allowed to receive my family members (or) my friends who have brought us food and other goods,” Bazoum was quoted as saying.

Ecowas wants to send a mediation team to the putschists

Bazoum had called international representatives several times in the past few days, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. In the end, however, the putschists refused to visit. Chad’s interim president, Mahamat Idriss Déby, met Itno Bazoum on July 31.

On July 26, Niger’s Presidential Guard under General Abdourahamane detained Tiani Bazoum at his residence. Other branches of the armed forces also joined the coup, proclaiming “the end of the regime” and dissolving all constitutional institutions. Tiani took power. The West African community of states Ecowas is threatening measures up to and including military action if the putschists do not release Bazoum and restore constitutional order.

Ecowas now wants to send its own mediation team to the putschists. The deputies of the economic bloc decided this at an extraordinary virtual meeting on Saturday. (dpa)


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