Xbox Network: One year ban after eight strikes

Xbox Network: One year ban after eight strikes

The newly introduced Enforcement Strike System brings more transparency with regard to the consequences of misconduct.

Xbox is always looking to improve its security measures and introduce more systems and tools to encourage respectful gaming without harassment or bullying.

Now that becomes that goal Enforcement Strike System introduced, which gives Xbox players an overview of the severity of penalties, the cumulative effect of multiple penalties and the overall impact.

Each player starts with a clean slate and can total up to eight strikes receive. Each strike remains valid for six months.

If a player collects two strikes, he will be banned from the platform for one day. With four strikes, the length of the ban is seven days.

Anyone accumulating eight strikes will be banned from social features such as messaging, parties and party chat, multiplayer, and others for one year from the date of execution.

A ban or strike can only be performed following reports that have been reviewed and found to be accurate by the Xbox Security Team.

In addition, players have the opportunity to object to strikes or measures taken, which means that they can be withdrawn if necessary.


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