Xbox Store: All game releases week 32/2023

Xbox Store: All game releases week 32/2023

Also this week some games for your Xbox console have been released. Here is a list of all new releases of the current calendar week.

There are some new games waiting to be discovered by you in the Microsoft Store. So that you don’t lose track, as always, here is an overview of all the new releases for Xbox in the current week.

Xbox New Releases – Week 32/2023

  1. Broforce Forever
  2. Stormcloud Vapor Xbox Controller
  3. Running fable
  4. Fluffy Milo
  5. Mondealy
  6. Skabma Snowfall
  7. Legend Bowl
  8. Quake II
  9. Stray
  10. Atlas Fall
  11. Hello engineer
  12. The Dragoness: Command of the Flame
  13. Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical
  14. Aery—Heaven & Hell
  15. Cube Airport
  16. Acceptance
  17. Bright Lights of Svetlov
  18. The Rabbit Crazy Adventure
  19. World soccer pinball
  20. Fruit Adventure

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Note: All prices without guarantee. Pricing may change or vary by region, pre-launch discounts, and other promotions.


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