Youtube tests: Those who block advertising receive a countdown

Youtube tests: Those who block advertising receive a countdown

Youtube is currently working hard to get non-paying users to sign up for the paid premium service. This service then enables ad-free and thus uninterrupted use of the platform. As reported by the website Search Engine Land, Youtube is now testing a new countdown pop-up window specially designed to combat ad blockers.

What does the countdown mean?

Non-paying viewers who want to watch YouTube videos without ads supported by an adblocker are now presented with the new countdown timer in the notification window. The pop-up with countdown timer shows when the next ad will appear on the screen. The countdown clock is in the top right corner and is reported to run between 30 and 60 seconds. As a further option, users are then advised to allow YouTube advertising or to try out YouTube Premium.

what does youtube say

Youtube explains that this countdown measure was taken to ensure content creators are paid appropriately for their work. Speaking to The Verge, YouTube said: “Ad blocker detection is not new, and other publishers regularly ask viewers to disable ad blockers.” However, disabling video playback represents a new level of restriction. “We take disabling playback very seriously and will only disable playback if viewers ignore repeated requests to allow advertising on YouTube,” the company said.

“In cases where viewers feel they’ve been incorrectly flagged as adblock users, they can share that feedback by clicking the link in the prompt,” YouTube continues. “We want to let viewers know that ad blocking violates YouTube’s Terms of Service and make it easier for them to allow advertising on YouTube or use YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.” It remains to be seen whether YouTube’s bill will ultimately work out. Finally, in the US, YouTube Premium prices have already increased from $11.99 to $13.99.

Source: Search Engine Country


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